Two Month Training Camp

This is our staple training camp. This is not what everyone else calls boot camp. The workouts are not random body weight exercises. They are not random at all. They are all built to complement and build off of each other. They include three distinct phase. Base. Strength/Power. Peak. With the cycle of these training phases participants have seen outstanding results. Come see what all of the hype is about.

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Held on Tuesdays and Thursday at various morning and evening times, mini camps are a great way to see what PFA offers. You can reserve a spot on a month basis. This is a progress training plan that takes you through the highlights of the Full Training camp that we offer. These are not random workouts. They are purposefully designed to help you progress. Come check what everyone has been talking about with this one month introductory program.

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Mobility Lab

Life doesn't stop moving simply because you are in pain. Chances are your life has you moving whether it's your fingers on a keyboard, standing behind a counter, climbing ladders or moving from room to room chasing kids or patients life never stops and neither do you. The effects of sedentary jobs, over training, injury, and life in general decreases your mobility daily unless you take the time to create new patterns of movement in the body. At Plan for Adventure, our specially designed mobility classes which are a combination of flow yoga, gymnastics stretching, foam rolling, and functional movement can help you reclaim your full range of motion and move through your busy life pain free. Come move with us!

Classes are taught by local yoga teacher and adventure seeker Clarissa Thompson who is a certified instructor and passionate about helping people reclaim lost movement and live happier, healthier, and adventure pain free!

Classes will be held from 8-9am and 19:15-20:15 Tuesdays and Thurdays.

8 wonderful sessions are only $65 per month. If you are already training with Plan for Adventure the classes are only an adittional $20 per month when pari with a training camp. All ages and abilities are welcome.

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Sunday Stair Climb

30 minutes of self paced exercise. .Come out and enjoy 30 of the happiest exercise of your week. If you are feeling daring roll the dice and add in some body weight exercises. We supply the tunes and water. All you have to bring is some relentlessness, a smile and a couple hugs to pay for the event. Cost is two hugs and two high fives. All ages and abilities welcome. This event is host year around. Spring thru Fall the event is held at Lincoln Park in Rock Island Illinois. The winter season it is moved indoors at the Davenport, Iowa Sky Bridge

Adventure Training Camp

PFA wants you to get in adventure shape! We are offering a two month training Camp to help you build a solid base of fitness. Whether you are planning to run your first 5k or climb a mountain, we’ve got you covered. Group sessions will be held 3 days a week and will consist of cardiovascular, muscle endurance and muscle strength training.


Sessions will be held at 0600, 1200, 5PM and 6PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from January 4th- February 29th

Unless otherwise specified, sessions will at the Plan for Adventure Shop. 1318 4th Street Suite 2, Moline, IL 61265

Session Structure
Each session will last about an hour and will include a warm-up, a focused workout, and a cool-down.

None. You do not need to have any fitness experience to participate. The exercises will be structured to provide a solid workout, regardless of your fitness level.

Group Size
Class size will be limited to 10 in order to ensure that we provide the assistance and motivation you need to be successful.

$125 for Two full months of hour-long, three workouts per week, motivating, fitness-building sessions.

You have seen and heard about the amazing change the boot camp participants have been making in the Spring session. Time for you to make the commitment to your success.

New Year, New You Package

You want to make a change in 2016? Let us help you. This New Years, Plan for Adventure is offering a Health and Fitness Package - This will include our 2 month Training Camp (Jan-Feb, 3x a week), 4 one-on-one personal training sessions (2x a month), AND individualized nutritional guidance. A $425 value for only $250! So make the commitment to becoming a better adventurer and sign up today! Select the add on package in the drop down menu to add this to you registration.

Note: Personal Training and Nutrition sessions must be used in the two month period.

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About Us

Why we do this

Plan for Adventure is about sharing happiness with the world. When we help you find that inner drive to over come that inner voice telling you "No", "Can't"and "Impossible" and you take your fitness and adventures to previously impossible levels, the happiness you feel is our goal. This is not a gimmick to get people to join us, this is the way we live. Everyday.

How we do it

Everything starts with positive mental attitude. With a good out look built by encouragement and a strong community of people willing to lend a hug and a high, we are able to not only get you going, we can help you keep going when you have reached your impossible. Training starts with trained professionals with back grounds in training and adventuring. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Survival Certification, Certified Bicycle Repair Technician and much more. The adventures that have been led and completed by the Plan for Adventure leadership range from mountain climbing, ultra endurance racing- Iron man, Tour Divide, 100 mile trail running races, World's Toughest Mudder 24hr race, and everything in between. Your goal may never include any of these events but, the knowledge of knowing that if you choose to, we know how to get you to the biggest events in the world, well prepared. We also provide energy grab and go food after doing all the activities or on camp.

What We Do

Plan For Adventure is a company of outdoor and fitness professionals whose whose goal is to help everyone achieve their fitness and adventure goals. From the couch to the top of a mountain or you office chair a cross country bike race, it doesn't matter where you start or where you are headed we are here to help. We do this with training, guidance and motivation.


Our address is 1318 4th Avenue, Moline, IL.

Gear Rental

Kayaks and Canoes

Kayak and canoe rentals are available Spring through Fall. Options are a 1-hr, 2-hr or Full day rental. No shuttle service is included. Reservations are not required but are recommended. Rates below are per canoe/kayak.

$10 - 1 hour
$15 - 2 Hour Rental
$20 - Full Day
$35 - Full Weekend (Friday Night at 5PM until Sunday night at 5PM)

Shuttle service and guided trips are available with advance notice for an additional fee. Contact mike@planforadventure for details and pricing.

Become a PFA Member


We believe that a person's ablities should not dictate their ablilty to get outdoors with their family and friends and find what they are passionate about - whether that be kayaking, biking, running or camping. It will be through the membership dues that we will be able to set up classes and help get people started in the right direction to meet their fitness and adventure goals. That means a first 5k or even an Ironman or ultra endurance event.

We hope you share our vision.

What we are asking from you, if you choose to become a member, is that you embrace what PFA is truly about: helping people with their journey and accepting people into yours. That means lending a hand, or hug, or motivation when you can. Sometimes a smile, hug and a high five makes the difference between someone making their goals or even having the courage to start.

Choose a membership level that is appropriate for you:

Basic Membership - $25 Give us a hand keeping the free community events running smoothly.


Family Membership - $100- Sign up the whole family.


Event Sponsor- $500- Sponsor one of our annual events like the Santa Fun Run, Tower Climb and Zipline Adventure or one of the many others.


We are passionate about helping others experience the outdoors and, more importantly, do things they once believed to be impossible. So sign up today and start the journey. Basic membership is only $25 for a year. That is one round of beers or a large pizza - small price for helping others find their happiness.

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Contact Us

Questions? Have an idea for an adventure? Get in touch with us and we'll get you on the path to your adventure:

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